About Us

Earn More Fast is an online job search engine that provides jobs and resources to help people find seasonal, temporary to permanent and entry-level positions . In addition, use this website to search for micro and small business opportunities. Our online platform was created to offer income solutions to individuals through a robust platform that enable them to apply for gigs, short term, long term, temporary and permanent employment opportunities.

At Earn More Fast, our mission is to make the job search process stress free and straightforward. We do this by sharing the latest job search and career opportunities through various online and offline platforms. Our job search platform is built with exclusive technology that aims at matching individuals with the right opportunities.

As an online employment solution platform, innovation is the heart of our success, and it’s what keeps helping us to achieve our mission. We are already changing the way people see work and are helping them improve their career, lives and work performances through new technology and tools. We are determined to ensuring anyone, and everyone gets their favorite job in 7 days or less.


Let’s face the truth. Searching for a job isn’t one of the easiest tasks on earth. In fact, it can be a hard and long process that can drag on for a while without success. But, that is why we are here. We have been transforming the way you search for long-term or short-term jobs. We are determined to help you get a job in 7 days or less.

To find your favorite and most relevant job or career, SEARCH HERE TO FIND A JOB IN 7 DAYS OR LESS. Also, endeavor to check through the other job search resources on this platform to increase your chance of getting a job quickly. We’ve got plenty of options for you, so start searching and you’ll be amazed by what we’ve got here for you. Whatever type of job you’re looking for, you can find it here. You might just find better.

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